Choosing & Using Music & Audio Software

Published in 2004, this comprehensive reference features all the major audio software: SONAR XL; Cubase SX; Logic Audio Platinum; Digital Performer; Nuendo; Pro Tools; Peak; Spark XL; SonicWorx; Audition (Cool Edit Pro); WaveLab; Sound Forge.

Key Features: 

  • Advice on which systems to purchase, which are most suitable for particular projects, and on moving between platforms mid-project.
  • Each section covers a specific system, providing a handy overview of its key features and benefits, including help with setup.
  • How to record drum loops using a virtual drum-machine, record¬†basslines and keyboard pads using virtual synthesizers, and add strings, brass or other instruments using virtual samplers.
  • Convert these MIDI recordings into audio tracks to mix alongside vocals, guitars and any other real instruments.

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