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I am working on three new titles in my series of books about Pro Tools and Music Production.
The first book follows on from my successful series of Pro Tools books for Focal Press and will be titled “Pro Tools for Music Production: The leading DAW for Music Professionals”. This book should be published in December 2018.
The second book explores more advanced topics and features overviews of AVID Virtual Instrument and Signal Processing plug-ins.
The title for this book will be “Pro Tools Advanced Tools & Techniques: Taking your tracks to the next level!” and it should be published in April 2019.
The third book will focus on my choice of the best software and hardware tools available for music production.
The title for this book will be “Best Tools for Music Production: Hardware & Software Choices” with a projected publication date of September 2019.
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One thought on “Forthcoming Titles

  1. I was recently asked whether my Pro Tools 11 book is still relevant for Pro Tools 12 users. Here is my reply:

    Pro Tools 12 adds some desirable new features, but the essential user interface features and operation have not changed at all from version 11, so my Pro Tools 11 book is still totally relevant!

    Here are summaries of the new Pro Tools 12 features:

    Pro Tools 12.0 on March 23

    Improved I/O Setup and Monitoring/Auto Down-mixing, unlimited busses, in-app plug-in purchases and rentals, stability improvements.

    Pro Tools 12.1 on June 30

    Increased track count (128 Audio, 512 Instrument), Track Input Monitoring, AFL/PFL Solo Modes, Copy to Send, Pro Tools | Control support, support for Pro Tools | S3 VCA Spill, and stability improvements.

    Pro Tools 12.2 on September 2

    VCA Masters, Disk Cache, Advanced Metering, Gain Reduction Metering, Avid Access Plan options including new Plug-in Bundle.

    Pro Tools 12.3 arrived in November with the following features:

    Commit Track

    Commit the entire track with all inserts included
    Commit only up to the insert which means Pro Tools freezes the instrument but without the inserts beyond it in the chain.
    You can commit the whole track or just the edit selection.
    You can copy the send and group assignments to the new track, so if you have a set of drums in a VI already going a a buss then the buss selection will be copied as well as the group settings.
    There are several options to make the committed track inactive, hidden, deleted to do nothing.
    This also works on a VI with multiple outputs.

    Drag And Drop MIDI Commit

    You can now convert MIDI to audio simply by dragging and dropping the MIDI from a VI track to a new audio track – it’s very cool. It really is as simple as grabbing the MIDI data and dragging it to the audio track below and bam!

    Track Commit Mix Delivery

    This is a feature that allows a mix engineer to create a set of stems with or without the plug-ins and then send that session to another Pro Tools user. It creates the stems and make a new session to send – effectively an archive of track stems.

    Clip Transparency And Fade Improvements

    Clip transparency allows the user to see the original position of the clip/s as they drag them along the timeline.

    Batch fades window with the ability to add different fades across the timeline at the same time.

    Up to 5 memory locations for your favourite fades.

    Pro Tools 12.4 available late December 2015

    Finally, Track Freeze is fully implemented!

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